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Pricing increases based on complexity


Minimum Order: 2 Dozen

$30-$40 per dozen

Mini cookies are around 1-2 inches and are the perfect small treat.  Plan to have 2-3 per adult if this is the only dessert or 1 per person if this is in addition to other desserts.

$60 for simpler sets (2 dozen minimum) and up to $80 (2 dozen minimum) if there are a lot of colors and/or elements.


Minimum Order: 1 Dozen

$45-$60 per dozen

Half minis, half large cookies.  This is the perfect choice for a party where some may want a big bite while others prefer just a taste... or a couple of small bites... 

$45 for simpler sets and up to $60 if there are a lot of colors and/or elements. 


Minimum Order: 1 Dozen

$60-$75 per dozen

Large cookies are anywhere between 3-5 inches and are equivalent to eating a cupcake. Plan for 1-2 per adult although I know some who could eat at least four in one sitting. 

$60 for simpler sets and up to $75 if there are a lot of colors and/or elements.

Sets can consist of various sizes and pricing will be adjusted accordingly.  Cookies can be individually heat sealed, unwrapped in a bakery box, or separated in gift boxes.  Please see the frequently asked questions by clicking the link below or scroll down to send a custom cookie inquiry.


Currently BOOKED through May 2024. 

Limited June 2024 openings. 

Very limited July - September 15th, 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: It may take up to a week to process your request.  Thank you for your patience.

Custom cookies are scheduled in the order they are received up to 3 months in advance.  There is a 1 dozen minimum for large and mixed size sets and a 2 dozen minimum for mini cookie.  The order must be paid in full to hold your spot on the schedule.

Please note: I require two weeks notice to cancel an order to avoid a $30 cancellation fee.  Any cancellation within the two weeks before the delivery date will not be refunded.  There is a possibility that you may transfer the balance to a future order dependent on my availability.

What size cookies are you looking for?
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